Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Almighty God's Word "Three Admonitions"

Almighty God's Word "Three Admonitions"

Almighty God says, "As a believer of God, you should be loyal to none other and align with His heart in all things. However, though all understand this doctrine, these most apparent and basic of truths to man cannot fully be seen to be embodied in them, due to their difficulties, such as their ignorance, absurdity, or corruption. Therefore, before your end is determined, I ought to first tell you some things, which are of utmost importance. Before I continue, you should first understand this: the words I speak are the truths directed to all mankind, not only for a specific person or type of person. Therefore, focus solely on receiving My words from the standpoint of truth, and retain an attitude of diligence and sincerity. Do not ignore a single word or truth that I speak, and do not regard My words with disdain. In your lives I see much that you do that is irrelevant to truth, therefore I am expressly asking you to become servants of truth and be not enslaved by wickedness and ugliness. Tread not on the truth and defile not any corner of the house of God. This is My admonition to you."



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