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Inquiring Into the Facts (I)

Inquiring Into the Facts (I)


Synopsis: In view of rumors and slanders spread by the CCP government about the man used by the Holy Spirit in the Church of Almighty God, some people carry out an interview to question closely about the facts.
Host: Xunguang;
Guests: Zhengyi and Xiangming.
Xunguang: Inquiring Into the Facts pays close attention to the hot topic about which the public care the most with you. In recent years, the rapid development of the Church of Almighty God has attracted widespread attention of countries and the popular media. About this topic which all of us focus on, today we’ve invited two guests from the Church of Almighty God to solve our doubts. Hello, Mr. Zhengyi and Mr. Xiangming.
Zhengyi and Xiangming: Hello, host.
Xunguang: We all know that, in 1991, the incarnate Almighty God formally began to express the truth and perform His ministry in Mainland China. He has expressed millions of words and done the work of judgment beginning with the house of God. The true believers who thirst for God’s appearance in all denominations and sects, after hearing God’s voice, have recognized that Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus in the last days and have turned toward Him one after another. In recent years, Almighty God’s kingdom gospel has been spread to many foreign countries and regions, and His words as well as gospel films, videos and articles of testifying about God have been disseminated widely via the Internet, which attracts an increasing number of men to seek and investigate. However, the Church of Almighty God growing stronger day by day triggers the atheistic CCP government’s deep concern and panic. As is known to all, the CCP government has been suppressing and persecuting underground house churches in China, and we frequently hear the news that the believers in the Church of Almighty God are arrested and sentenced by it. We also see a great deal of negative words from its official media, in the midst of which there is a conspicuous condemnation on a man to draw our attention especially.
“In 2000, the Chinese government launched a large-scale, nationwide search, so Zhao XX fled to New York, the United States via Tokyo, Japan. In June, 2001, he submitted an application for political asylum to the American authorities on the grounds of suffering religious persecution. The authorities who were unaware of the truth approved his request.”
Is it really the case? Considering the CCP’s unsavory reputation of persecuting religious belief and afflicting Christians all along, which is well-known in the international community, in order to avoid listening to its one-sided statement, let’s welcome these two brothers to dig out the truth for us.

Inquiry I

Xunguang: Almighty God has been working in Mainland China for more than twenty years, and millions of people have turned toward Him. But why does the CCP consume the largest manpower and material resources for solely arresting Zhao XX? It not only offered a reward of more than one million yuan for the capture of him in China, but after he went overseas, it does not give up and dispatches spies to shadow and spy on him and does its utmost to attack him on public media opinion. What kind of person is Zhao XX, whom the CCP has put a lot of efforts to arrest in the Church of Almighty God?
God gives the law through Moses
Zhengyi: Bible-readers are all familiar with that God once ordained Moses to lead the Israelites when he worked in the Age of Law, which created a precedent that God uses man to cooperate with the work of the Holy Spirit. When God incarnate appears and works in the last days, He again ordains a man to lead His chosen people of the churches. Zhao XX is the man He ordains in the Age of Kingdom to be in charge of leading and shepherding all people in the Church of Almighty God, and the man used by the Holy Spirit in the Age of Kingdom. Almighty God says, “The work carried out by the one who is used by God is in order to cooperate with the work of Christ or the Holy Spirit. This man is raised up by God among man, he is there to lead all of God’s chosen ones, and he is also raised up by God in order to do the work of human cooperation. With someone such as this, who is able to do the work of human cooperation, more of God’s requirements toward man and the work that the Holy Spirit must do among man can be achieved through him” (“Concerning God’s Use of Man” in The Word Appears in the Flesh).
Through Almighty God’s words we can learn that Zhao XX, as the predestined and selected man used by the Holy Spirit when God carries out the work of the last days, is the man who cooperates with God’s work and leads His chosen ones to pursue salvation. He leads and shepherds God’s chosen people totally in compliance with God’s words. Since he began to be responsible for the church’s work, he has issued a good deal of work arrangements as well as fellowship and preaching to help believers enter into the reality of the truth. And he has served as the “translator” as well as the bridge to help us comprehend and receive God’s words. Under his leading, we have possessed a number of real experiences about Almighty God’s words and some practical knowledge of God. Meanwhile, we have seen clearly the facts about our corruption by Satan, and walked on the right way of human life of seeking the transformation of life disposition. Moreover, we have penetrated the atheistic CCP government’s satanic, devilish substance of resisting God frenziedly. After going through its persecution and arrest, we God’s chosen people have possessed real faith in God and have broken through the bondage of the influence of darkness, not enslaved or controlled by the CCP anymore. No matter how serious obstacles or persecution we suffer, we still persevere with our belief in and worship of God. The CCP is very clear that if all the people come to follow God, there will be no one to worship it or believe its atheistic thoughts and communist theory. That will be the time when its desires of making China a place without God and enslaving Chinese people forever are dashed. Hence, it is deeply worried that the man used by the Holy Spirit will bring all mankind before God and extremely afraid that God will reign as King among men. The reason why it frenziedly condemns and hunts the man used by the Holy Spirit is that it wants to ban the Church of Almighty God and God’s work of the last days. But when he went abroad after being persecuted, the CCP cannot arrest him anymore. It doesn’t take its defeat lying down, but spreads various rumors about him and stirs up the antagonism of men toward the Church of Almighty God. Its goal is to hinder man from seeking and investigating God’s work of the last days.

Inquiry II

Xunguang: The CCP claims that it once mobilized the nationwide policemen to search for the man used by the Holy Spirit in a large-scale way, which makes us feel as if Zhao XX had committed a felony and is a principal criminal. Could Zhao XX, a Christian really break the law? Why is such a man who worships God heart and soul listed as a wanted criminal throughout China?
Xiangming: As the law stands, the wanted criminal must meet three requirements: 1. The wanted man must be a criminal suspect. 2. The suspect should satisfy the requirements of arrest. 3. The suspect surely shirks the legal liability and his present whereabouts is unknown. Only man who fulfils the above-mentioned requirements can be wanted legitimately and legally. It is obvious that the CCP cannot list any sinful fact of the man used by the Holy Spirit or tell which law he has broken, but just says that he submitted an application for political asylum to the American authorities on the grounds of suffering religious persecution. From it, we understand that the CCP gives orders to arrest him just because he believes in and serves God. The CCP government is quite clear that if the leader of the Church of Almighty God is not eliminated, he will lead and shepherd us, God’s chosen ones all the while to make us better understand the truth and further strengthen our faith in Almighty God and our love for Him. When we all understand the truth and are made overcomers by God, we aren’t restrained or bound by any Satan’s forces anymore and can worship and serve God wholeheartedly, and the CCP will be abandoned thoroughly. Accordingly, it simply ignores the international human rights treaties and the condemnation from the international community, but just stops at nothing to arrest him.

Inquiry III

Xunguang: All right. We see that the CCP is unable to obtain its desire all the while. After the man used by the Holy Spirit went abroad, it circulates rumors through the media that Zhao XX has already fled abroad. It is incomprehensible to many people how this action, that a Christian went abroad in order to believe in God and preach the gospel seriously because he was wanted by the atheistic government, can be called fleeing. How should we treat this issue?
Zhengyi: It’s quite simple. Let’s review those apostles and missionaries who preached the Lord’s way throughout the ages, and then we can know the answer.
In 1583, Matteo Ricci, an Italian missionary, sailed across the ocean to preach in China. At that time, the gospel of the Lord Jesus’ redemption of mankind spread by him was welcomed and esteemed by Chinese scholar-bureaucrats.
In 1605, Gao Yizhi, an Italian missionary of the Societas Iesu, came to China to preach. He left China in 1616, and at the end of 1624, he returned to Shanxi, China to resume preaching until he passed away.
In 1853, James Hudson Taylor, a British missionary who was only 21 years old, bade farewell to his parents and came to China to preach the Lord’s way. Since then he had never left China.
In 1885, Herbert Dixon, a British missionary, in company with his wife, left their four young children behind in England to preach in China until they martyred themselves in Xinzhou, Shanxi in 1900.
In 1916, Zhong Aihua, an American missionary, came to preach in China, and engaged in medical missionary work for 25 years. He was also one of those who dedicated most of their lives to Chinese Christians.
For thousands of years, it was precisely these missionaries who crossed borders to spread God’s gospel all over the world. None of the governments of democracies have ever condemned them as fugitives. If we say that preaching the gospel abroad means fleeing, could it be said that all Christian churches are formed by the gospel-spreading of those criminals who flee to escape punishment? And that Christians can believe in God at all times and in all countries is because they accept the gospel preached by fugitives? In order to complete the work of the church and to expand God’s kingdom gospel, the man used by the Holy Spirit went abroad. How could he be related to the word fleeing? Obviously, the CCP’s nonsense is purely the discredit against the Church of Almighty God and the smear against him. For the sake of banning God’s work of the last days, it has told a pack of lies and stops at no evil. Now it is quite reckless of the consequences when speaking and doing things. That it makes up these rumors is, in effect, making an enemy of God as well as Christians at all times and in all places openly. So, none of the words spread by the CCP deserve to be trusted.
To Be Continued …



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