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Lies and Truths I

Lies and Truths I

Lyu Liang

Speaking of lies, all believers in God know they come from the devil. The Lord Jesus disclosed in the Bible, “He was a murderer from the beginning, and stayed not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it” (John 8:44). The Lord Jesus told us clearly that the devil spoke lies and also murdered with lies from the beginning. It was because of believing the devil’s lies that mankind’s ancestors Adam and Eve sinned and were thus driven from the Garden of Eden by God, losing their happy life. From then on, death came upon mankind. Therefore, lies, which originate from Satan, are negative things and Satan’s tools for deceiving and corrupting mankind. In the real world, lies are extremely harmful. They can bring man to ruin, and can also trigger a slaughter and a war, so that rivers of blood flow and people are plunged into an abyss of misery.
Eve was tempted by the snake
In the first century A.D, in order to restrict and stop the spread of Christianity in Rome, Nero, the tyrant of ancient Rome, not only fabricated the rumors that Christians were sociopaths with political designs, but also framed Christians for the crime of burning the city of Rome, instigating the populace to hate them. Immediately, scores of Christians were arrested and bloodily slaughtered by the government. Some were nailed onto the pillars as candles, some were torn alive to pieces by wild beasts in the Colosseum. However, the ignorant Romans strongly supported and cheered loudly for the government’s atrocities of massacring Christians, becoming accomplices in the tyrant’s crimes. During World War II, in order to snatch Jewish assets and exterminate Jews, Hitler fabricated rumors wantonly, saying that the Jews had stolen all money from Germans, and he had films shot on the themes of Jews, in which tens of thousands of mice ran out of the Jews’ houses. Then the Nazi Party took the Jews into the hospital to have blood tests, and “the scientific statistics” proved the Jews were transmitters of Salmonella Typhi, Escherichia coli, etc. With those “conclusive evidences,” they drew the conclusion that the Jews were the dregs of humanity and exterminating them was the only solution. The reason why Hitler slaughtered the Jews was not only “adequate,” but also “irrefutable.” The overwhelming propaganda made the Germans take each and every lie from the government as true, and respond to and participate in the Holocaust positively. As a result, six million Jews ultimately died under the Nazis’ butcher knives. Obviously, when a national government makes up lies, which are extensively publicized and spread by state media afterward, then what they bring upon mankind are inevitably tremendous disasters.
Recently, some netizens found that the English version of Wikipedia, a world-renowned website, reproduced numerous rumors of slander, condemnation and smear of the Church of Almighty God by the CCP government, some of which were particularly appalling. For instance, in 2010, a member of the Church murdered a pupil, leaving a lightning-like mark on one of the victim’s feet. In 2012, a man called Ming Yongjun (Min Yongjun) said that he stabbed an old woman and 23 students of a school in Henan Province at the instigation of the Church’s prophecy of the last days. In August of 2013, a member of the branch Churches in Shanxi gouged a boy’s eyes out because the boy’s family intended to leave the religion. On May 28, 2014, six people who claimed to be members of the Eastern Lightning attacked and killed a woman in a McDonald’s restaurant in Zhaoyuan, Shandong, China. … These bloodcurdling rumors have deceived many people who are ignorant of the facts. As they believe the CCP government’s rumors, they have some misunderstanding of the Church of Almighty God, and furthermore, dare not investigate or accept Almighty God’s kingdom gospel although they clearly know Almighty God’s word is the truth and God’s voice. As for these people, if you tell them that they are fooled by the CCP government, and are deceived and cheated by its lies, then they will shake their heads and say, “How can it be possible that the Chinese government, a national government, openly fabricates rumors to frame and discredit the Church of Almighty God and cheat the people of the world?” From their perspective, it seems that every information and every news the CCP releases is true and reliable. But is this really the fact? All those who have some knowledge of the CCP government are clear that the greatest skill of it is making up lies, fabricating rumors, framing and discrediting others, and it has always been pursuing the fallacy that a lie repeated ten thousand times becomes the truth. From the time the CCP was founded until now, it has never changed its characteristic and essence of telling lies. It beautifies and builds up itself by making up lies and then repeating them, portraying itself as the great savior of the Chinese people, so that people all kneel and worship it. It also deceives and cheats people by telling lies, inciting the common people to hatred, thus achieving its purpose of attacking and eliminating dissidents. It can be said that the CCP is the government which is best at telling lies in the world, and is also the one that is most capable of using lies to deceive and murder people.

The CCP Beautifies Itself and Eliminates Dissidents Through Lies

Open the history of the CCP. Every page of it seems to be glorious and bright, as if telling its greatness, glory and correctness. Yet, provided that you collate it with historical facts, then you will find that the history of the CCP is nothing but lies, and none of it conforms to historical facts.
Take the Long March for example, which plays an important role in the history of the CCP, and is also boasted by the CCP as the great pioneering work of indomitably breaking through the encirclement campaign of Nationalist forces and marching north to resist Japanese aggression. But actually, the Long March was merely a great group escape for the sake of the CCP’s self-preservation, and was also called “fleeing hither and thither” or “fleeing westward” by the Nationalist forces. This has been proved in the historical textbook of Beijing Normal University, which was chiefly edited by Bai Shouyi, the professor of the university. (It is written in the book: At 8 p.m. on October 21, 1934, after the failure of the 5th counter-encirclement campaign, the central Red Army broke through southward. But immediately, it is written in the following pages of the book that at 8 p.m. on October 21, 1934, the central Red Army solemnly declared to begin the Long March and march north to resist Japanese aggression.) In addition, after fleeing to Shaanxi and Gansu in 1935, the CCP convened the Central Politburo Conference in the Russian Concession in Gansu on September 12, during which Mao Zedong said, “We will give up the policy of occupying Sichuan, Shaanxi, and Gansu. We decide to open up an international line through guerrilla warfare, and come to the region which is close to the Soviet Union to create bases via the northeastern Gansu and northern Shaanxi….” “If we can’t keep a foothold in Ningxia, then we can pass through the desert by car to Outer Mongolia for the sake of leaving these revolutionary seeds.” Thus it can be seen that the so-called Long March is, in fact, its embarrassed history of the great escape of ten thousand miles. However, through the CCP’s made-up lies, publicity and elaborate packaging, it has become a great anti-Japanese feat, which has deceived the Chinese people for seven decades.
There were “ten struggles between the lines” in the history of the CCP, and each of them was, with no exception, carried out centering around the struggle for authority. Yet the CCP prettified them as its error-correcting mechanisms and the progressiveness of the Party. Then what on earth is the truth of the facts? We might as well give two examples, through which we can know the answers. Among the so-called “ten struggles between the lines,” the ninth “Liu Shaoqi Bourgeois Headquarters” and the tenth “Lin Biao Anti-revolution Group” drew the most attention of the world.
Liu Shaoqi, the former president of the People’s Republic of China, was supported and approved by some personages inside and outside the Party because he advocated developing economy and improving the people’s livelihood. Whereas, Mao Zedong, the Party leader, felt keenly that his dominant position was threatened. Then in order to eliminate dissidents, Mao stirred up people to rebellion, planning and launching the world-shaking Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. Soon, Liu Shaoqi was changed from a state president to a great traitor, a great mole and a public thief, and was “perfectly justifiably” killed by the Party finally. Lin Biao, an ever-victorious general who once swept away the millions of enemy troops, was the former Defense Minister of the People’s Republic of China, and the established successor according to the Party Constitution. However, after failing in the inner-party struggles, through the propaganda of the state media, Lin became a schemer and careerist overnight who was beaten and went over to the enemy, and betrayed the Party as well as his country. Ultimately, he ended up with the saying that his death from the plane crash would not expiate his sins. But in fact, Lin Biao had already been shot dead before the air crash. That he betrayed his country and defected to the enemy and died in the air crash was merely a pretense fabricated by the CCP to conceal the ugly fact of scrambling for power and position and killing one another within the Party.
People once counted that in the history of the CCP, there were over 110 lies that were similar to the above-mentioned ones which confounded black with white and distorted the truth. It does show that the history of the CCP is absolutely a history of lies.
Since the CCP was founded, whether in the struggles outside the Party or inside the Party, and in whether the repression of student movements and persecution of religious beliefs or the suppression of ethnic minorities and dissenters, it was all through fabricating rumors and telling lies that the CCP has achieved its purpose of suppressing, murdering, and safeguarding its dictatorial rule. It has been a fact obvious to all.
The world-shaking “June Fourth Incident” was originally a movement that students protested against the corruption of the government and advocated democracy and freedom, but the CCP government organized some special intelligence agents to sneak into the procession of students to beat, smash, and loot everywhere, and even burn military vehicles and kill soldiers. Later the CCP imputed the crimes to the students. When “the evidence was certain,” the CCTV Evening News as well as the major domestic media began to report and propagandize it overwhelmingly at once, exposing the “outrages” of the undergraduates. Soon after, Li Peng, Premier of the State Council, publicly labeled this student movement as a riot. After that, the extremely tragic and world-shaking massacre of the century happened, and thousands of lives of young students vanished on that night.
On March 14, 2008, in Lhasa, Tibet, over three hundred monks of Zhaibung Temple paraded, chanting the slogan “freedom of religion belief,” and then they were arrested and beaten by military police of the CCP, which gave rise to Tibetan large-scale protests. Then after driving the foreign journalists out of the region, the CCP military police disguised themselves as Tibetans to beat, smash, loot, and burn the shops owned by the Han and Hui people. They even killed the Hans and imputed the crime to the Tibetans. Soon, the pictures of the Tibetans’ killing people, which were exclusive to the state media, were speedily and continuously rebroadcast in every major media. After the rumors were accepted by the public, the CCP changed immediately into “the power of justice” of “keeping the social order,” while the Tibetans became “rioters” and thus suffered the large-scale bloody suppression from the CCP.
Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany Goebbels said, “The mission of newspapers is to transmit the ruler’s will to the ruled and thus make them regard the hell as heaven.” “The only one purpose of propaganda is to conquer the masses.” “The propaganda is based on the fundamental principle that the effective arguments should be repeated constantly and the lies should be spread continually and dressed up to be credible.” The CCP’s purposes, means, and principles of propaganda overly coincide with the Nazis’. It has turned out that the atheistic CCP government is the maker of lies and the source of evil, hence everything said by the CCP government as well as its state media is nothing but lies and is not trustworthy at all. Similarly, such information reproduced and published in whatever media or websites is not worth believing either.


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